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Media Hit | Hunger

Campus Donations

A group of Florida State University students is collecting donations to feed the homeless. The FSU Public Interest Research Group has already collected 500 hundred dollars.

Media Hit | Textbooks

In a Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks

CLINTON, N.Y. — They text their friends all day long. At night, they do research for their term papers on laptops and commune with their parents on Skype. But as they walk the paths of Hamilton College, a poster-perfect liberal arts school in this upstate village, students are still hauling around bulky, old-fashioned textbooks — and loving it.

Media Hit | Higher Ed

Student Loan Overhaul Approved by Congress

WASHINGTON — Ending one of the fiercest lobbying fights in Washington, Congress voted Thursday to force commercial banks out of the federal student loan market, cutting off billions of dollars in profits in a sweeping restructuring of financial-aid programs and redirecting most of the money to new education initiatives.

Media Hit

#TBT: Research, Lobbying Group Endorsed By Princeton Students

NOV 21, 1980 - Princeton University students yesterday overwhelmingly voted to form an undergraduate-funded chapter of a national student environmental and consumer advocacy group, the first of its kind in the Ivy League.


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