Start a PIRG Chapter

Together, we can build a better future. Our society has always relied upon its colleges, universities, and students to lead the way in addressing society’s problems. It is a significant part of the mission of every college to teach students how to solve societal problems and give back to their communities.

For forty years Student PIRGs have been standing up to powerful interests. Student PIRGs is an independent state-based student organization that works to solve public interest problems, protecting our public health, our environment, our rights as consumers, and our democracy.

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When consumers are cheated, or the voices of ordinary citizens are drowned out by powerful special interest lobbyists, we speak up and take action. By teaming students up with professional advocates and organizers, we make our voices heard and have an impact locally and nationally. We learn how to build a relationship with the media and get coverage on issues that concern us, how to register voters, how to engage in public policy decisions, and so much more. Students involved with PIRG campus chapters have had a chance to face up to society’s big problems, take action and win concrete changes that improve the quality of our lives. In so doing, we’ve helped fulfill our Universities’ Service missions, and taught countless students how to be active participants in our democracy.

If you’re interested in starting a PIRG chapter at your college, please fill out the volunteer form here and we’ll be in touch. Please include "Starting a PIRG chapter" in the 'Message' field.